Pee Wee Home Asheville Architect Sarah Howell
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Pee Wee Homes

Legerton Architecture team member, Sarah Howell, has been part of the sustainable, affordable housing movement for over a decade. In New Orleans, she helped three separate organizations build LEED Platinum affordable housing for people who had lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina. And while in Chapel Hill, she became the architect for Pee Wee Homes, an organization building tiny homes for people who would otherwise be homeless. Three of her homes were recently completed on the Church of the Advocate site in Chapel Hill, and now house three people who have been chronically homeless, including the project’s namesake, Pee Wee, a brick mason whose stroke left him unable to work or afford housing in his life-long hometown. To find out more, visit the Pee Wee Homes website, read an article from Raleigh’s News & Observer here or watch a local news story about the project here.

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