Historic Montford Carriage House

Historic Montford Carriage House

-New Contruction

Asheville, NC | 

1400 SF | 


This whimsical building relates to the main house on the property as if it is an original structure, but it is in fact new construction. In order to build an accessory dwelling unit in the historic district of Montford, we researched and presented evidence to the Historic Resource Commission (HRC) that a significant outbuilding had indeed existed at the southwest corner of our client’s lot. The .58 acre, L-shaped lot allowed ample area for an accessory dwelling unit and our client was in need of the extra space.

The new building provides a two-car garage and storage space for garden and lawn tools on the ground level. On the upper level, we designed an artist’s studio that could also serve as guest quarters for visiting friends and family. As northern light is essential to the artist’s working space, the vast majority of the windows at this level face north, which also provides a wonderful view of the richly landscaped yard and garden behind the main house.

The original house served as the primary inspiration for the exterior form, materials and details of the new carriage house. The hipped roof and dormers match the pitch of the original house and its deep overhangs are accentuated with exposed rafter tails. Exterior materials of horizontal lap siding, cedar shingles, diamond-pattern transoms, and double hung 4 over 1 windows were also inspired by the original house.

The Montford Carriage House not only gained approval from the HRC, it earned a Griffin Award from the Preservation Society of Asheville, lauded for its sensitive interpretation of the Arts & Crafts style and its contextual relationship to the original house and neighborhood.

General Contractor: Carolina Cornerstone Construction, Inc.
Landscape Architect: Jerry Snow, ASLA
Structural Engineer: Kloesel Engineering